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Managed Services

Simplified Solutions For Your Business

The continual expansion of cloud centric IAM solutions used to promote increased security and time-to-market has left many organizations in a quandary.

How do we scale our hardware, software and licensing for our employees, contractors, partners, customers, etc. while controlling costs? 


How do we keep within budget when we are required to also meet complex security and regulatory compliance needs? 

This is where CyberSolve comes in...

We can build a hosting solution to meet your organizational needs and objectives while maintaining the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) possible through our turn-key IAM Managed Service offerings:

CyberSolve provides managed hosting and support for IAM software solutions as fully integrated, managed service solutions.

CyberSolve can manage and support your On-Prem, Single or Multi-Tenant Cloud and Hybrid environments across:


We implement a range of vendor IDaaS services containing auto-provisioning, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and directory services that provide scalable, secure and cost-effective IAM capabilities.

We provide 24x7x365 support for your IAM technologies and associated infrastructure across your data-center, locally hosted environments, and/or your IaaS or PaaS cloud hosted environments (such as AWS, Azure, GCP or other cloud vendor). We offer support for virtually any IAM technology as well as your organization’s infrastructure applications (including directories, databases and operating systems supporting Windows, Linux/Unix, Storage, Network, Email, VMWare, Active Directory and others).

We deliver full lifecycle PAM services from advisory, scoping, and implementation through to operational management of your PAM vendor(s) solution in a scalable service model.  We support, optimize and manage both on-prem and Cloud PAM solutions in order to maximize efficiency for our customers.

We make Cloud Hosting services available on all major Cloud provider platforms (AWS, Azure Cloud and Google Cloud) or in conjunction with private Data Center hosting providers in order to meet your organization’s strategic objectives while maintaining high availability and disaster recovery requirements.

We offer professional and personalized expert services to allow for customization, support, training, and increased value out of your SaaS applications. This allows you to bridge the gap between what should be simple SaaS applications and fully customized software applications.


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