Managed Services

Simplified Solutions For Your Business

The continual expansion of cloud centric IAM solutions used to promote increased security and time-to-market has left many organizations in a quandary.

How do we scale our hardware, software and licensing for our employees, contractors, partners, customers, etc. while controlling costs? 


How do we keep within budget when we are required to also meet complex security and regulatory compliance needs? 

This is where Identity And Access Solutions comes in...

We can build a hosting solution to meet your organizational needs and objectives while maintaining the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) possible through our turn-key IAM Managed Service offerings:

Identity And Access Solutions provides managed hosting and support for IAM software solutions as fully integrated, managed service solutions.

Identity And Access Solutions can manage and support your On-Prem, Single or Multi-Tenant Cloud and Hybrid environments across:


  • Identity Governance & Compliance

  • Privileged Access Management

  • Authentication & Authorization 

  • Identity Intelligence & Management

  • API Security