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Cloud Hosting

Because what happens in the cloud, stays in the cloud

CyberSolve provides a range of cloud hosting models and options to allow your organization to have the knowledge, criteria, and options available when selecting, migrating to, and operating a Cloud Hosted environment.


We will advise your organization on the best choice for a hosting solution to meet your organizational needs and objectives while maintaining the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) possible through our turn-key Cloud Hosting offerings whether they span migrating from current On-Premises environments, to Single or Multi-Tenant Cloud environments or Hybrid Data Center/Cloud Hosted environments.

Why have a CyberSolve consultation for your Cloud Hosting requirements?

  • Does your organization have the mandate to "move to the cloud" and get off of your legacy and/or on-premises systems and technology?

  • Are you turning over highly technical staff that maintain those systems or have difficulty keeping the best of your technical teams?

  • Are your infrastructure teams hard to work with when you need to add, change or remove technology stacks from the organization?

  • Is your organization looking to shift the risk of those on-premises systems to a third party, thus offsetting a portion of the organization's own risk? 

  • Does your organization have increasing regulatory, technical, and/or security compliance requirements to fulfill (such as SSAE 16, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, NIST, PII, PCI, etc.)?

  • Does your organization have the need for strong recovery, redundancy and resiliency for its operations?

Results-Oriented Cloud Hosting Services

We can help your organization achieve outstanding, cost-effective, and scalable results for your Cloud Hosting needs using the three "R"s,  Redundancy, Resiliency and (Disaster) Recovery.


  • Don't overdo it, it costs $

  • Define your Basic Needs

  • Remember, not all providers are equal

  • Don't forget the power

  • Make certain your Application(s) can be configured as redundant

  • Determine what it takes for data/databases to be replicated

  • Define the intervals necessary for business continuity and the geography, zone, region, etc. required


  • Architecting and deploying services correctly is critical

  • A continuous deployment and maintenance model must be developed

  • Pen Testing of cloud services and applications must occur frequently

  • Databases and information stores in the cloud must be secured

  • SLAs must be defined and adhered to

Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • It’s important to have a DR plan as providers can and will have outages and issues that can stop your organization cold.

  • The DR plan should be ascertained according to the criticality of the system to the organization

  • The DR should rank the planned cloud systems like on-premises systems (high, medium or low criticality) 

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