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Privileged Access Management as a Service

CyberSolve is your single source for Privileged Access Management 

Design. Implement. Manage.

CyberSolve’s versatile home-grown delivery system and toolsets allow us to streamline delivery of your Privileged Access Management (PAM) program while ensuring that backend structural details are accurate every time. Our engineers are experts across multiple PAM platforms, allowing us to provide requirements driven guidance while avoiding vendor specific limitations. By partnering with Identity And Access Solutions and applying our industry best-practice PAM methodologies, we can assist in delivering sustainable, proven results while providing early Return on Investment (ROI).


The number one challenge we hear from our customers is the limited availability of talent in a red-hot privileged access management market. Privileged accounts are critical as they provide access to your organization’s sensitive data and systems. Selecting and procuring a PAM solution is only the first step. What you need is more than vendor software, you need an expert team that will handle your PAM implementation, optimizations, and operations, providing you with peace of mind.


We offer solutions to fit all your needs... 

From staff augmentation to cover short term business initiatives, integrated operational support to work alongside your PAM team, and PAM as a Service, providing you with total product and process support in order to protect against external threats, by preventing malicious parties from accessing sensitive data through elevated access accounts.



Managed Support

24/7/365 PAM support by certified resources, with a proven industry track record.


Reduced Operational Cost

Full Support at fractional costs. We manage your PAM reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Scalable Solutions

Our always available, certified resource pool allows your organization to scale for growth.


Keep Focus on Core Business

Focus on your core initiatives that bring success to your business vs. managing supporting processes.


Fast-Track Implementation

Maximize your PAM investment, shorten your timeline to implement, and provide immediate operational support.


Continuous PAM Improvement

Improve the efficiency and maturity level of your tools and technology to secure, control and monitor access to your organization’s critical information and resources.


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