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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Protecting the keys to the kingdom.

 Undertaking a new PAM initiative can quickly become overwhelming. Each layer of discovery quickly unearths additional organizational security flaws. Remediating those flaws can be very time consuming and often results in scope creep, missed deliverables, additional cost, and extended risk exposure. 


CyberSolve's versatile home-grown delivery system and toolsets allow us to streamline delivery of your PAM program while ensuring that backend structural details are accurate every time. Our engineers are experts across multiple PAM platforms, allowing us to provide requirements driven guidance while avoiding vendor specific limitations. By partnering with CyberSolve and applying our industry best-practice PAM methodologies, we can assist in delivering sustainable, proven results while providing early Return on Investment (ROI). 


Our advisory services allow us to discover, define, and build an actionable program that will allow your organization to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) involved in your PAM implementation. 

Strategic Planning 

To ensure the highest rate of success, we provide access to dedicated senior resources in order to reduce impediments, increase efficiency, and ensure best practices are being followed. 

Why PAM? 

Minimizes Your Financial Risk 

Breaches cost more - Just in the last 5 years breaches have cost well known industry-leading organizations Billions of dollars. Don’t become the next statistic. 

Reduces Your Attack Surface 

PAM done right can significantly reduce your attack surface while mitigating your privileged account exposure from external and internal threats. 

Frees Up Your Resources 

Privileged account password and access management can be automated, allowing your IT Security Administrators to prioritize more important tasks. 

Our Solutions

Solution Design 

Architecting doesn’t stop at implementation. Proper design is needed throughout the implementation phase for Policy, Template, Folder design, etc. 


We provide certified engineers that are fully vetted and offer a team-based approach to implementation that ensures each one of our engineers has backing from multiple resources. 


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