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Your IAM Implementation Team

The complexity of IAM can impact your organization's security posture

Identity & Access Management (IAM) impacts every entity across your organization. This may include employees, contractors, consultants, customers, consumers, temporary workers, students, healthcare practitioners, faculty, and many other identity types. Additionally, entities such as system accounts, service accounts, application accounts, bots, and other non-human identities must be understood and accounted for.

Further complicating this is the hurdles an organization must jump over when implementing IAM solutions across multi-tenant cloud environments, utilizing Bring Your Own “X” (such as Device, Identity, or Authentication), across dispersed geographical workforces that may be remote or in satellite locations, or, within a complex legal or regulatory framework.

With a breadth of experience spanning several hundred implementations and hundreds of IAM experts, Identity And Access Solutions can assure your organization success and increase your security posture in: