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Identity Federation

Building circles of trust since the early 2000s.

Identity federation enables the sharing of information Technology (IT) assets across domains, e.g. between partners, where claims- or federation-aware applications and services hosted by a service provider or relying party are made available to users managed and authenticated by a trusted identity provider or asserting party.

As users and entities request access to the service provider's applications, a token is provided to the service provider which allows the service provider to obtain claims from the identity provider about the user upon which authorization decisions can be made.

An example of an Identity Federation would be using your organization's email based credentials to log into (or your payroll & benefit provider's system) .

A common non-business example of Identity Federation would be using your Facebook credentials to log into an game on your mobile device or to sign in to leave comments on a blog or news site.

CyberSolve implements federated identity solutions that can allow your organization to be the trusted Identity Provider (IdP), providing the account credentials to your customers, partners, workers, or consumers, to allow them to access a multitude of web or cloud hosted services and applications. Alternatively, CyberSolve implements solutions to allow for the consumption of Identity Data from an IdP or trusted authentication source, as the Service Provider (SP) of applications, services, and micro-services. In either, or both, cases we will provide your organization with the circle of trust model allowing for least privilege access to be contained to the applications and services that need to be secure.

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