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Software product companies today are selling to a more informed customer who has many options to choose from. New features, scalability, flexibility, robustness, and total-cost-of-ownership are becoming critical factors that influence customers more than ever before. IAAS provides full-scale product engineering services across the software product development lifecycle ranging from consulting and application development to technology re-engineering and product support enabling companies to be competitive in the market. IAAS has partnered with software product companies globally to develop and test numerous products.

One of the biggest gaps that we see in most modern access control systems is the ability to enforce risk adjustable access control (RAdAC) systems in real time. Tools like ArcSight focus on finding the bad guy after the attack or leak has already happened. Their agents are hard to install and manage, and the infrastructure is expensive to maintain. The real-time tools in the market do not analyze the whole picture and only focus on the transactions within individual pages in an application. These solutions can only keep a short amount of activity data online and available before it becomes too expensive to manage. The Identity and access solutions utilize open source technologies to aggregate the data in near real time and calculates risk on security-relevant events across your infrastructure.

We analyze the user’s current behavior against their heuristic behaviors and the behaviors of their peers. Our rules are not static and are constantly managed within the system as usage patterns change and systems grow over time. Customers have the option of using their own business intelligence (BI) tools to analyze the historical data or use our built-in reporting capabilities. Once customers have defined their security-relevant events, the system can then begin enforcing them in real time. By utilizing the power of the Hadoop software, we are able to scale to massive numbers of nodes with petabytes of historical information at a significantly lower cost than traditional database backed solutions.

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