Privileged Access Management

Defend against privileged user risks.

We at IAAS help organizations to provide secured privileged access to critical assets and meet compliance requirements by securing, managing and monitoring privileged accounts and access. The tools apply to privileged access spanning a wide range of systems and infrastructure — OSs, databases, middleware and applications, network devices, hypervisors, and cloud services (infrastructure as a service [IaaS], platform as a service [PaaS] and SaaS).

Whether they are obtained maliciously or leveraged inappropriately by a valid user, exploited privileged user accounts are the common thread of most data breaches. And as your environment grows increasingly complex, so does the challenge of defending against ever more sophisticated—and damaging—attacks. Privileged Access Management from IAAS offers a comprehensive solution delivering both network- and host-based controls for the enterprise and hybrid cloud.

Combat breaches with Threat Analytics..

Our Threat Analytics for Privileged Access Manager enables the enterprise to continuously assess risk and quickly detect malicious activity among its privileged users. By analyzing various contextual factors about this user and each operation, a risk score can be calculated that can enable further security controls to be applied. The result: reduced threat of insider breach through either malicious or careless activities.

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