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CyberSolve Announces the Okta Identity Platform Quick Start Program

Identity And Access Solutions, a preferred Professional Services provider of Okta, is announcing the Quick Start program targeted at the implementation of the Okta Identity Platform tailored for organizations building a cloud-based access management program that delivers value quickly and is designed for growth.

Now more than ever, companies are focused on their bottom line and must show a return on investment (ROI) for IT-related projects. Identity And Access Solutions has developed a program for the Okta Identity Platform that delivers on this by providing prescriptive packages delivered in a condensed timeframe. The Quick Start program has been geared towards deploying core functionality leveraging our proven five-phase delivery methodology. Besides the implementation of industry leading Okta Single Sign-On (SSO), the program can provide the necessary tools and support for the Okta Identity Platform post-Go-Live.

Our Okta Identity Platform Quick Start Program offers two distinct packages. All Packages come with the essentials, which includes the configuration of the base product, authoritative source integration, access policy development, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) configuration. The Quick Start 1 Package includes the integration of three (3) external applications for Single Sign-On while the Quick Start 2 Package includes the integration of five (5) applications including Life Cycle Management as well as Okta’s Adaptive MFA. These packages are offered with straightforward pricing that removes the guesswork in calculating configuration or integration fees.

Additional “add on” packages can also be included, such as Office 365/GSuite integration, VPN Radius integration, and custom workflows and integrations.

“For customers facing challenges recruiting resources with the required skills to maintain the Okta Identity Platform or if your organization’s resources are already stretched thin, Identity And Access Solutions has an Okta Identity Platform Managed Service program to fill this need” said Todd Rossin, CEO & Chief Strategist at Identity And Access Solutions. “The managed services program provides incident remediation, change management, and enhancements all bundled into an all-encompassing support agreement utilizing our world-class Okta Resources.”

Identity And Access Solutions' Professional Services offers certified architects and engineers that deliver a collaborative approach to guide our clients through the design and implementation of the Okta Identity Platform. We partner with our clients to ensure they are getting the most out of their Okta implementations and are well-positioned for the growth and evolution of their access management needs.

To learn more about Identity And Access Solutions, please visit our website for more information.


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