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CyberSolve Announces Active Directory Security Health Checks

Active Directory is the heart of your network. It's where you store most of your user information and organizational structure, so it's critical that you have a secure Active Directory in production. But with so many security settings within Active Directory, it can be hard to know what was missed.

That's why we offer Active Directory Security Health Checks—to help you identify any gaps in your security setup, including password policies, group membership, privilege escalation, user permissions and much more. Our expert Cybersecurity Services team are certified and experienced security engineers who will get deep inside your network to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and compliance gaps. We develop a comprehensive report which will provide in-depth security gap details scored against an industry specific maturity rating; then we provide an in-depth “Comprehensive Organizational Findings” debrief that includes gap prioritization of the issues found and quick fix remediation recommendations.

We offer several packages based on the analysis and remediation needed: from core Active Directory security analysis, to our remediation partnership program, which includes ongoing expert advisory services as well as continuous reporting on progress toward fixing any security issues found throughout the year (and beyond).

“I am a true believer in proactive security, and Active Directory security health checks are an important start of this process. Active Directory controls everything from user access to data security. When you have an issue with your Active Directory, it can have a domino effect that impacts your entire organization,” says CyberSolve’s CEO & Chief Strategist, Todd Rossin. “Detective security implies we fix what we have found to be incorrect. Preventative security means we put the proper settings into place to stop it from ever happening again. This process will kick-start your Cybersecurity journey”.

Secure Your Active Directory Today

Set up a scoping call with our Cybersecurity team to determine your organization’s Active Directory risk and remediation.




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