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IAAS over the last couple of years has focused on developing connectors for SailPoint and currently with the skilled team and has matured several connectors, which has resulted in great support to objective output from identity and access management standpoint. The focus of IAAS skilled team is to deep target system Archer, JIRA, Jet Hub, slack and Splunk. IAAS has also contributed to enhancing, AWS, Azur and much more. Here are the highlights of the benefits of choosing IAAS for this great offer:

Post your interest in the above offer, IAAS will assign a single point of contact to collect requirement and for any requirement deviation until the requirement is fulfilled to your full satisfaction

The solution will be deployed in the production or non-production server for 30 days. This will give ample time to ensure the solution overall is effective from cost and output perspective.

Support to the solution will be tendered for a period of one year and this will be part of the offered solution.

Would be glad to hear your thoughts on the aforesaid process.
Our skilled team is available for a one to one meeting to discuss this exciting offer and in case you give your consent, then to initiate the necessary proceedings by beginning to understand your exact requirement.

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